Building blocks for self-management with bipolar disorder

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Since I changed my diet, eat as few carbohydrates as possible, take regular blood tests to find out what vitamin or mineral deficiencies I have and eliminate these by eating lots of protein, eggs, meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, a lithium-containing mineral water and also dietary supplements, I no longer have any mood swings.

I am symptom-free.

I was able to lose weight, stop taking the high blood pressure medication and after six months (in consultation with my psychiatrist) I was able to stop taking the psychotropic drugs. I have tried what I report in the book myself and describe my experiences with it. Read it for yourself.

Readers’ opinions

My 40-year ordeal with bipolar disorder: Annett Oehlschläger literally saved my life. When I put her detailed descriptions and practical tips into practice in a disciplined way, my life changed for the better and I finally became a human being. If used consistently, this book contains the potential for total transformation from illness to health. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking healing. Thank you, dear Annett.

Dr. Regula Schmuckli

Book of the year!!!
Moin frau oehlschläger…once started, the interested reader can hardly get away…I am thrilled and take my hat off to your performance…will definitely recommend it to others…best regards…michael s. dr med
Michael S.

Thank you for the wonderful book!
Congratulations to the author on her work! …
I believe that what helps bipolar people can also help everyone. Everyone can put together (their) “building blocks of stability”.
Your guide and experience report can help everyone to live a more balanced, self-determined and also happier life.
(At least 87 years, 4 months and 10 days…)
Burkhard L.

Your book has now arrived, thank you very much! I think it turned out very well (and it looks good too) and I hope that you can help many people with it. The knowledge you have compiled is enormous and unfortunately still far too little known. I will therefore be happy to recommend your book to others

Ulrike Gonder - author of "Mehr Fett!

Dr. Strunz writes about my book

“I don’t recommend books very often. But I really recommend this one to you. Do you know why? Because you can probably apply the advice, this collected epigenetics, to practically any other disease. A general principle is described here. Namely, take care of your body and it will take care of your mind If you think about it for a moment, that’s a pretty ingenious trick. Not at all a matter of course.”

Quoted from:

Dr. Ulrich Strunz

I am very happy that you have got the disease under control with your method and will follow your example.

Henrik L.

My parents and also my sister find your book so interesting and easy to understand,
that I was allowed to order a copy for each of them from BoD.


Dr. Strunz writes about my book

“The book is a treasure trove, I told you. In particular, you will find a complete overview of all the essential substances such as amino acids, omega 3, vitamins and co. In a detailed, loving presentation.”

Quoted from:

Dr. Ulrich Strunz